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Product Name Category Characteristic & Application CDMF status
Sweet flavor: apple flavor, banana flavor, cherry flavor, grape flavor, lemon flavor, cantaloupe flavor, mango flavor, orange flavor, peach flavor, strawberry flavor, tomato flavor, watermelon flavor, pineapple flavor, coconut flavor, cola flavor, chocolate flavor, hawthorn flavor, honey flavor, jasmine flavor, mint flavor, osmanthus flavor, red dates flavor, spearmint flavor, cream flavor, green tea flavor, vanilla flavor, etc.
Special flavor: milk fat flavor, super vanill flavor, salty flavor, etc.
Bitterness masking agent
Designed according to the principle of human taste perception, greatly improving patient compliance; Direct mixing and adding, no need to add special processes
Pigment/color lake
Natural colorants: cochineal red, grape skin red, capsicum red, beet red, sorghum red, monascus red, radish red, safflower yellow, gardenia yellow, lutein, riboflavin, natural carotene, β- Carotene, gardenia blue, phyco blue, caramel color, plant carbon black, etc.
Pigment/color lake
Synthetic colorants: lemon yellow, sunset yellow, quinoline yellow, brilliant blue, indigo, allure red, carmine, erythrosine, amaranth, acid red (azorubin), sodium copper chlorophyll, β-carotene, Titanium dioxide, iron oxide red, iron oxide yellow, iron oxide brown, iron oxide black, etc.
Film coating material
Stomach-coated, enteric-coated, moisture-proof, strong shading, strong isolation, etc.
Capsule printing ink
Black, white, red, yellow, blue, green, brown ink, suitable for hollow hard capsule and soft capsule printing
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