PIDI Standard Biotech (Chongqing) Ltd. was jointly funded by Guangzhou Standard Pharma Ltd.Guangdong PD Pharmaceutical Ltd. and the Indian company Vital Laboratories Pvt Ltd.

The company is located in Wanzhou district in Chongqing and is a world famous manufacturer of artemisinin and one of the cooperated suppliers of the Clinton Foundation; one of the partners of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation/ high-content seed research and development of University of York; one of the important partners in the anti-malaria action of World Health Organization, and; a Global Fund approved partner supplier.

The company owns a comprehensive phytoextraction production line, which includes the extraction, chromatography, concentration, drying and other equipment with the annual extraction capacity of 3000t.

Under the modern management philosophy, the company practices strict management and quality supervision and control throughout the process from raw material purchasing, production, packaging to final inspection of finished products; strictly follows environmental and safety standards so as to guarantee drug quality, production safety and to reduce pollution to the environment.

In 2017, the company newly built the workshop for production of intermediates of semisynthetic penicillin and cephalosporin materials. It is currently the largest phenylglycine potassium salt manufacturer in China.

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